What does it mean to be Freetired? Good question. I consider it to be a lifestyle that allows the freedom to travel and explore without being constrained by work.

This is distinctly different from retirement and what is typically associated with it. Freetired doesn’t mean that you don’t or can’t work, but rather that the nature of your work allows the freedom to fully enjoy and appreciate all that life has to offer. It’s freedom from the constraints of a traditional career. The ability to intelligently shape your life and make decisions based on what’s truly important to you, rather than being at the mercy of an employer.

I quit my full time engineering job after 5 years in 2013, and have been embarking on various adventures and projects since them. One of these somehow turned into another full time job for about a year and a half, but luckily I got out of that before it was too late! I still do some part time engineering work, which keeps me engaged and pays (some of) the bills.

Right now I’m living out of my converted Sprinter campervan traveling the U.S., training for Ironman WI this summer, and trying to simply slow down and enjoy life for a while.

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  1. Craig
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    Great to have met you in Death Valley and looking forward to you blogs on your adventures. Craig and Dawn

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